Square One: Relaunching the Site

Hello, friends. It’s been a long time. I think in total I’ve taken a year off. I’ve needed to re-evaluate many things I was attempting to do. This time last year, I was all set to write 4000 words a day and get a publication out a month. It certainly could be done, but at the expense of many other aspects of my life, which includes going to a day job. If I didn’t have to think about work, I could very easily have achieved that target. Not to mention that my current employment isn’t very satisfactory, and that I needed to train for a better job. Currently my writing doesn’t pay all the bills, so I do need some extra cash from somewhere.

Which leads me on to what I have actually been doing over the last few months. I’ve been learning website development and other programming stuffs, and using those skills to build this site. As well as George Lucasing my books with a more polished edit and extra scenes I felt were lacking.

But now I feel it is ready to launch this site as I want to continue blogging. As it stands there is not much content on here, but I will update it regularly. Over the coming months I will re-release my works as my definitive edition that I promise I won’t mess with again (though I may replace a character with Hayden Christensen, and Atharron may or may not shoot first, but I’ll try to restrain myself).

Ideally I would like to make a major update to the site every week, maybe with a character profile, or history article, or some other notes that could be interesting, but we’ll see how it goes.

So for the moment, this is my personal space to blog about stuff. I will post this on Facebook and you can discuss in the comments there. I do plan to implement a comments facility here at some point, but it’s not a priority at the moment.

I hope you enjoy the changes and I look forward to hearing from all youse in the future.