Out Now – Friend Or Foe (The Calnis Chronicles Of The Tarimain: Volume I – Emergence Book 7)

Life is Hard. Eternal Life is Impossible

Plymouth, 1931
David has struggled with his inner wolf for decades. Recently he has gained some level of control when he changes. He never considered the wolf may control him.

This book adheres to the Sane Self-Publishing Ebook Pricing Model. It contains 6200 words, and is approximately 24 pages long.

Contains graphic descriptions of bloody violence.

The Tarimain, immortal soldiers tasked with fighting on the front lines of the eternal war uncover a dark demonic plot to raise an army. As Earth approaches a worldwide war, they hunt a Great President of Hell, and the mysterious Man with the Eyes.

Before he realised what he was doing, David jumped on the girl and began to claw at her, ripping her clothes and skin to shreds. She screamed and slapped at him, but he just held her down. He bent her neck back and sunk his teeth into her neck, silencing her shouts. He savoured her sweet warm blood and devoured her raw flesh. Someone grabbed him from behind, he pushed them off and went back to feeding. The taste of real food after years of starvation was phenomenal. He greedily ripped the woman’s flesh as if he had never tasted meat before. The girl fell limp in his arms and he carried on feeding with no worries of her slipping from his grasp.
He felt strong arms wrap around him and pull him away. He scrambled to get back at the girl, but was pulled back again. As he made another attempt, Atharron stood in front of him and held him in place. ‘What the devil d’you think you’re doing man?’

David looked to Atharron and growled, baring his teeth. A second later, he felt his cheek sting as Atharron slapped him. He looked again at the man, then at the mutilated corpse in the middle of the wood. Then back to Atharron. ‘What … I … I don’t know…’ He held his hand to his mouth to stifle a sob. Feeling wetness, he pulled it back and saw blood. His breaths came short and fast. ‘I just … I just felt hungry.’

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