Out Now – Evolution (The Calnis Chronicles of the Tarimain: Volume I – Emergence Book 8)

Life is Hard. Eternal Life is Impossible

Plymouth, 1938
Luke, Sarah and Atharron find a body in the woods, attacked by a vampire. But evidence points to something else, something different, something more evolved than a standard vampire. And more dangerous.

This book adheres to the Sane Self-Publishing Ebook Pricing Model. It contains 5400 words, and is approximately 21 pages long.

The Tarimain, immortal soldiers tasked with fighting on the front lines of the eternal war uncover a dark demonic plot to raise an army. As Earth approaches a worldwide war, they hunt a Great President of Hell, and the mysterious Man with the Eyes.

‘The two puncture marks along with the shallower ones beneath indicate a human mouth with elongated canines. This was no animal attack, or a regular human.’ She moved the light to shine on the girl’s face. ‘Hang on, what’s this?’ She opened the girl’s mouth and Luke saw a dribble of red liquid come out, possibly blood and saliva. Sarah peered into the girl’s mouth. ‘I don’t see any cuts; it could be from internal bleeding, but that doesn’t usually happen with a vampire bite.’

‘You don’t watch a lot of movies do you?’ Luke said. ‘He was turning her.’