Out Now! Doom Of Reality (The Calnis Chronicles of the Tarimain: Volume I – Emergence Book 10)

The epic conclusion to the first Tarimain series

Life is Hard. Eternal Life is Impossible

Plymouth, England – Cologne, Germany, 1941
The world is at war again, a vampire army is marching forwards, and the Shrine that must be kept shut, has been opened. The Earth is falling into chaos and decay. Luke leads an army of ghosts, Atharron duels a demon, and Sarah travels to the heart of the turmoil to repair the fissure between fantasy and reality.

This book adheres to the Sane Self-Publishing Ebook Pricing Model. It contains 9400 words, and is approximately 37 pages long.

The Tarimain, the immortal soldiers of God, tasked with fighting on the front lines of the eternal war, uncover a dark demonic plot to raise an army. Atharron, a four thousand year old former ruler of Calnis; Sarah, apathetic, but determined to do her duty; and Luke, a young Tarimai discovering the wonders and burdens of immortality. Together, they make their way through the first half of the twentieth century on the trail of a Great President of Hell and the mysterious Man with the Eyes.

Outside, houses burned, or melted. Roads ran like rivers, some with water, some like molten rock. People screamed as they ran from centaurs or giants. Alien spaceships flew through the sky, targeting houses. An army led by Napoleon fought off a pack of huge wolves. The clouds rolled through the sky, marbling the heavens with red, black, and grey, and on one of the domineering spires of the cathedral, perched an enormous black dragon being ridden by a boy no older than ten. The dragon roared, sending flames a hundred feet outwards.

‘Welcome,’ Naomi said, ‘to Heaven on Earth.’