Out Now – Chimera (The Calnis Chronicles of the Tarimain: Volume I – Emergence Book 9)

Life is Hard. Eternal Life is Impossible

Plymouth, 1941
With impossible things happening, and a vampire army on the rise, Luke, Sarah, and Atharron must find out what’s causing the world to fall into disorder. But deep in the heart of a gothic cathedral, within the Shrine of the Magi, the Man with the Eyes is awakening.

This book adheres to the Sane Self-Publishing Ebook Pricing Model. It contains 5500 words, and is approximately 22 pages long.

The Tarimain, immortal soldiers tasked with fighting on the front lines of the eternal war uncover a dark demonic plot to raise an army. As Earth approaches a worldwide war, they hunt a Great President of Hell, and the mysterious Man with the Eyes.

The Archbishop stared at the Shrine in all its gold plated, bejewelled beauty. The shape of an ornately carved sarcophagus lying on the apex of two more beneath it, made up the reliquary. And inside lay the bones of some of the first people to see Jesus Christ.
Every time he looked at it, he felt closer to the Lord, but now he saw it as a more mysterious artefact. It wasn’t what the girl said that made it seem so different. But she reminded him he was forbidden to open it. He was the Archbishop of Cologne. It was his duty to take care of it. And he at least needed to see if everything was still kept safely inside.
He retrieved a stepladder and climbed up it looking over the mass of the Shrine. Along one arched side of the top sarcophagus was a hidden hinge. He took hold of it and pulled gently. He didn’t want to damage it, so he didn’t force the opening, but it came apart with a wooden grinding sound.
A whiff of stale air came from inside, and as he opened it wider he saw the remnants of people almost two thousand years old. They were wrapped in once white silk that had now turned to a dirty yellow colour over time, but from the shape of the three figures inside, there could be no doubt these were human skeletons treated with reverence. No trapped man.
He closed the lid and climbed down the ladder. Believing all was well, he left the Shrine to God’s protection.
Once the Archbishop was gone, the Shrine released a smoky vapour from the cracks along the lid, and the reliquary began to glow.