The further she runs from her fate The closer the Devil's Emissary marches to his.

Allison picked it up. It felt lighter than she thought, but still weighed enough. She grabbed hold of the scabbard and pulled. Out came a long, double edged sword, transparent as glass, with a tendril of opaque material running the length from hilt to tip. She gasped and whispered, 'I know this sword.'
'Really?' Cat said. 'Where?'
She continued to look at the sword as it projected rainbows across her face. 'I see the future, and it is this sword. Only this sword.'

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Sixteen year old Allison has definite plans for her future. A Fender Stratocaster, to marry her childhood sweetheart, and the cover of Rolling Stone is all she wants. So when a new school friend tells her she is to be God's warrior, and a black cloaked woman enters her life with murderous intentions, she fears her dreams will soon evaporate.
Though Allison refuses to believe in any divine being, her conviction is tested as she confronts her growing psychic abilities and struggles with knowledge she cannot possess. She is thrown into a life where immortal beings battle in a millennia-long war, and Fate has recruited her. At the centre of everything lies a sword, bathed in a bright light, its transparent blade stabbed into the wooden floor; a symbol of her ultimate fate.
Beyond her confusion and dismay, the Devil's Emissary awaits the fight.

'An enjoyable ride. I'm definitely glad I read it.'

-Brandon Hale, author of the Day Soldiers trilogy

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19 + Prologue + Epilogue